SP-GA Series Liquid Flow Switch

Brand: Eletta

The SP-GA Flow Switch is designed to give an initial alarm at a very low flow and still capable of allowing a high full liquid flow passing through when pumps or valves are activated by the micro switch. This is since the SP-GA Flow Switch is designed with a variable flow passage area which increases as the liquid flow rate increases. The SP-GA is also equipped with an internal rubber diaphragm to make the switch even more sensitive at low liquid flows. As the disc inside is spring loaded, it is possible to install the Eletta SP-GA Flow Switch in any position, vertical, horizontal or even up side down. This gives an advantage over other types of flow switches such as Rotameters, Target or Paddle, which generally requires vertical mounting. The function is based on fluid flow activation only and therefore it is not affected by changes in static pressure.
  • Rugged and sturdy design
  • Insensitive to magnetic fields
  • Simple and economical installation
  • One adjustable SPDT micro switch for flow alarm
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  • Pressure up to 100 bar
  • Can be used in any liquid
  • Function based on flow and not affected by the static line pressure
  • Specifications


    Approvals & Certifications

    • ISO 9001, 14001

    Approvals & Certifications

    • EMC 2004/108/EC
    • LVD 2006/95/EC
    • PED 97/23/EC

    BSP Connection

    • 1” BSP
    • 1-1/2” BSP
    • 1-1/4” BSP

    Electrical Rating

    • 250 V / 10 A Thermal
    • 250 V / 8 A Nominal

    Enclosure, Body Material

    • Polycarbonate (Lexan)

    Environmental Protection

    • IP14
    • IP43 with Cable Gland PR18
    • NEMA 3R with Cable Gland PR18

    Flow Rate

    • 0 to 300 L/minute


    • Micro Switch: 20 % Approximately

    Materials of Construction

    • Rubber Part: EPDM
    • Rubber Part: FPM

    Maximum System Pressure

    • psi: 362.6 (kPa: 2,500, bar: 25)

    Mounting Position

    • Horizontal
    • Upside Down
    • Vertical

    Pressure Drop

    • Approximately psi: 1.088 (kPa: 7.5, bar: 0.075) / 3 L/minute (Lowest Switching Point)

    Switch Point Range

    • 3 to 70 L/minute

    Switch Type

    • 1 SPDT Micro Switch

    Temperature Range

    • 120° C (248° F) - Max.
    • Standard 90° C (194° F) - Max.

    Wetted Materials

    • 316 Stainless Steel
    • Copper Alloy

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