NUS-4 - Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

The KOBOLD NUS-4 ultrasonic level and volume transmitter is designed for non-contact, continuous level and volume measurement in vessels or for flow measurement in open channels.

It is especially suited for applications where physical contact should be avoided with the surface of the media.

Examples of such applications might include corrosive acids, possible contamination like sewage, or adherent media.

The ultrasonic level technology is based on the principle of measuring the time required for the sent ultrasonic pulses to make a round trip from the sensor to the media surface and back.

The direct-mounted evaluating electronics of the NUS-4 evaluate the echo time of the pulses and determine the level.

A signal output for remote transmission and a relay contact for monitoring purposes are both available as options.

For programming and for local display, the NUS-4 is available with an optional pluggable programming unit with LCD display.

The sensors have a total beam angle of 5°-7° at -3 dB.

This ensures that the NUS-4 provides reliable measurement, even in process tanks with various protruding objects.
  • Measuring Range of Liquids up to 25 m Solids up to 10 m
  • Narrow 5-7° Beam Angle
  • Polypropylene or PVDF Wetted Parts
  • Accuracy of ± 0,2 % of Reading, + 0,05 % of F.S.
  • 4-20 mA 2-Wire Output Std, Relays/Display Optional


Measuring Range

  • Liquids up to 80 feet


  • 1-1/2” NPT
  • 2” NPT
  • 3” to 6” ANSI Flange

Maximum Pressure

  • 40 psig

Maximum Temperature

  • 194° F

Power Supply

  • 12 to 36 Vdc


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