UF3300 NEW Ultraflo, Fixed Clamp-on Flow and Process Measurement Meter

Brand: Micronics Ltd

Our fixed flow meter solution for closed pipe applications is ultrasonic, clamp-on and non-invasive, This means considerable savings from no cutting pipes or downtime interruption to process whilst the meters are being installed and low operation costs ie; no in-line blockages and dry maintenance.

The ULTRAFLO UF3300 brings simplicity to the non-invasive measurement of liquid flow and process measurement.

It offers the user quick and accurate flow measurement. And with its easy to follow menu and simple set up results can be achieved in quick time!
  • New: cross correlation flow measurement system
  • Flow Range – 0.1m/sec to 20m/sec bi-directional
  • New: now available as a pulse output heat/energy meter
  • Display – 240 x 64 pixel graphic display, with backlight
  • Set-up via 15 key control panel
  • Power – 86v to 264v AC. Optional 24V a.c./d.c. 1A max
  • 4 user selectable languages including English, German, French and Spanish
  • Accuracy Pipe ID >75mm – +/- 0.5″ to +/-2% of flow reading for flow rate > 0.2m/s
  • Accuracy Pipe ID 13-75mm +/- 3% of flow reading for flow rate > 0.2m/s
  • CE Approved


Measurement Technique

  • Ultrasonic, cross-correlation transit time method for flow measurement and PT100 Class B 4-Wire for temperature measurement.

Heat Meter Standard

  • The Heat/Energy calculation is designed to comply with EN 1434 section 6.

Temperature Sensors

  • Clamp-on PT100 Class B 4-Wire, range 0° C to 200° C (32° F to 392° F), resolution 0.1° C (0.18° F). Min. delta T is 0.3° C.


  • The UF3300 enclosure is IP65 rated.

‘A’ Transducers

  • 13 mm O.D. to 115 mm O.D. pipes, IP54 with IP68 option

‘B’ Transducers

  • 50 mm O.D. to 2000 mm O.D. pipes, IP54 with IP68 option.

Transducer Operating Temp

  • ‘A’&‘B’ -20° C to +135° C. ‘A’&‘B’ Option Hi-Temp -20° C to +200° C

Flow Range

  • 0.1 m/sec to 20 m/sec bi-directional.

Turn Down Ratio

  • 100:1


  • ± 0.5 % to ± 3 % depending on pipe size for flow rate > 0.2 m/s.

Data Communications

  • USB, supports most USB 2.0 BOM drives.

3 × Pulse Output

  • Pulse or Frequency. Opto-Isolated MOSFET relay.

Maximum Current

  • 150 mA. Isolation: > 100 Vac/dc/ Pulse for volume flow and alarms., frequency for flow and power rate. The pulse outputs can be configured including: flow totals, energy, loss of signal, low flow alarms.

Volumetric Mode

  • Pulse repetition rates: up to 50 pulses/sec (depending on pulse width).

Frequency Mode

  • Maximum pulse frequency: 200 Hz

Flow at Maximum Frequency

  • User selectable.

4-20 mA Output

  • 4-20 mA flow proportional output, optically isolated 1500 volts, 620 ohms Max. load.


  • 86 V to 264 Vac. Optional 12 V a.c./d.c. 1A Max.

Data Logging (Dependent on Model)

  • 100,000,000 data points.
  • Downloaded via USB to CSV file and export to Excel.
  • Logs application details, time, date, flow rate, forward total, reverse total, flow velocity, flow side temperature, return side temperature, temperature difference, power, total energy, signal quality, signal SNR, signal status.

    Include Process fluid measurement, HVAC/Building Services metering, District Heating Network monitoring, Ultrapure water measurement and Heavy fuel oil metering.


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