DON-H - Oval Gear Flow Meter for High Pressures

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

DON-H High Pressure Oval Gear Positive Displacement Flow Meters offer reliable flow rate measurement for demanding process conditions.

They are suitable for clean, high and low viscosity liquids such as lubricating/hydraulic oils, petroleum, grease, diesel fuels, chemicals, solvents, resins and pastes.

Because of the mechanical nature of the measurement principle, media with particulate matter is not suitable for use with the DON-H.

The DON-H uses two precision-machined oval gears which allow for a very specific volume of liquid to pass through the meter with each rotation, providing a true volumetric flow measurement.

These gears enable the DON-H to precisely measure liquid flow over a very wide viscosity range, accomodate fluctuating flow rates, a provide accuracy for applications with intermittent flow.
  • Pulse and 4…20 mA Signal Outputs
  • Optional LCD display for Batching, Totalizing
  • Stainless Steel Body and Rotors
  • Viscosity up to 1000 cP (greater on larger models)
  • Certifications/Approvals: ATEX


Measuring Range

  • 0.13-9.5 GPH to 0.26-10.6 GPM

Process Connection/Type

  • 1/8” to 1/2” NPT Thread
  • G1/8 to G1/2

Maximum Pressure

  • 5800 psig

Maximum Media Temperature

  • Up to 250° F

Housing/Rotor Material

  • Stainless Steel

Media Category

  • Liquid

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