Model VCE-10 Volitile Coumpounds Extractor

Brand: Intempco Controls, Inc

The Intempco Model VCE-10 Volatile Compounds Extractor is a microprocessor based instrument designed to measure the Methanol or Ethanol concentration in the liquid.

The VCE-10 meter consists of two main units: the Gas Sensing Probe, installed inside the fermentor and the Probe Control Box.

The Gas Sensing Probe makes use of the permeability of silicone to gases but not to liquids.

This property makes it possible to extract some volatile compounds from liquids, and to evaluate their concentration by the Organic Solvent Vapors Detector.

To extract these volatile compounds, a carrier gas (air) circulates in a silicone tube. This gas, while circulating in the tube, extracts volatiles from the liquid.

Those volatiles are transported outside the sterile environment of the fermentor to a semiconductor Organic Solvent Vapors Detector installed in an industrial headset.

This sensor responds to certain volatile compounds, including Methane and Ethanol. Their presence will make the resistance of the sensor vary.
  • Complete stand-alone system for monitoring and controlling the concentration of ethanol/methanol in a liquid solution.

  • Each control accepts up to 2 probes that are working independently.

  • 4-20 mA output signal proportional to concentration of gas.

  • Pump control via SPDT relay output or 120 Vac signal (ON/OFF), independent for each probe.

  • USB interface with standard MODBUS protocol for communication with a host computer or PLC.

  • User-friendly VCE-10 software for data logging, calibration and control parameters settings.

  • LCD display (2 x 16 characters) for real-time display of concentration and/or relay output status.

  • Built-in pressure regulator to ensure a constant air flow to the probe.
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