NSM - Polypropylene Tethered Float Level Switches

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

KOBOLD NSM tethered float switches provide easy, cost-effective monitoring of liquid levels with a low-profile polypropylene float with polyamide cable gland and 6' Neoprene cable.

To control filling levels, install at least two of the floats, one as a minimum limit switch and the other as a maximum limit switch.

The floats can be run to a latching relay (sold separately) for automatic liquid level control.

These plastic float switches can be installed wherever magnetic liquid level switches are unsuitable due to the risk of the float jamming with dirt particles or coating.

An optional silicone cable is available for use in certain highly corrosive or solvent-based level monitoring applications.
  • For All Types of Liquids
  • Mechanical Switch (Mercury-Free)
  • Polypropylene Float Construction


Maximum Temperature

  • 185° F

Maximum Pressure

  • 45 psig


  • polypropylene Float
  • Neoprene Cable


  • SPDT Mechanical Switch

Media Density

  • 0.6 S.G. Min.


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