PLS - Pendulum Level Switch for Bulk Solids

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

The KOBOLD PLS pendulum level monitor is engineered for monitoring the maximum level of bulk solids in silos and storage tanks. 

It is made out of two elements: the pendulum rod with the measuring cone and the aluminum connection housing containing the SPDT switch. 

The PLS is for vertical installations, on the top side of the bin or silo. As the vessel is filled with bulk solids, a cone of material is created, causing the measuring cone to deflect to one side. 

This movement is then transferred directly from the pendulum rod to the mechanical switch, signaling the desired level has been reached.
  • For Max. Level Monitoring of Bulk Solids in Storage Bins/Silos
  • Aluminum and NBR Construction
  • Flanged Process Connection
  • SPDT Switch - No Power Required


Measuring Principle

  • Pendulum

Available Rod Lengths

  • Up to 78.7”


  • SPDT Mechanical Switch, Max. 250 Vac / 15 A

Maximum Media Temperature

  • 176° F

Maximum Operating Pressure

  • 7 psig

Mounting Position

  • Vertical, Top of Bin


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