DOG Series Oscillation Flow Meter for Gases

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

The KOBOLD DOG flow meter for gases utilizes a completely unique flow meter technology. The oscillation flow meter principle of operation is as follows.

As gas flows through an orifice within the flow body, dynamic pressure at the orifice diverts a small part of the flow into a bypass channel. This division ratio remains constant over the entire measuring range.

The diverted gas then enters the measuring cell that contains a baffle that deflects the gas, which then begins to oscillate due to pressure conditions.

The frequency of the oscillation is proportional to the flow velocity and the total flow volume and is detected by a platinum sensor.

The produced alternating electrical signal is linearized and then processed by a variety of evaluation electronics.

The DOG flow meter series delivers long lasting service, high accuracy, low maintenance, and a low pressure drop. They also operate accurately at extremely low operating pressures.

Compared to other flow meter technologies, they are especially insensitive to dirt, moisture, and aggressive components.

If the sensor needs replacement, it can be done on site without process interruption, with the optional shut-off valves, and recalibration is not necessary.

The shut-off valves also protect against any mechanical damage that can occur during system start-up. The DOG series can also be customized to user specifications, opening the door to a wide variety of application areas.

The DOG-6 flow meter not only measures dry gases, like the DOG-4, but it offers significant advantages for wet, damp, or moist gas measurement.

The measuring cell of the DOG-6 is angled, which allows any condensate from the gas to drain naturally. It also offers an optional shut-off valve, calibration software, and a flow computer.

It is not affected by temperature or pressure changes and individual evaluations are made possible by the flow computer. In addition to continuous and cumulative flow rates, temperature and pressure can be evaluated by separate inputs.

Data storage and communication can be implemented through numerous output options.

The DOG-6 is the front-runner solution for many applications due to its unique advantages and low pricing in comparison to other flow technologies for similar applications.

For biogas, digester gas, or fermentation gas, in additional to all the other advantageous features, the sensor is also not compromised by sulfur.

The DOG series can be used for almost all gas types including mixed gases, changing gas mixtures, and common gases such as compressed air, propane, hydrogen, nitrogen, and argon.
  • Unique Flow Meter Technology
  • Sloped Design Drains Condensate from Moist Gas
  • Low Maintenance, High Longevity
  • Minimal Pressure Loss
  • Wide Sensing Range
  • Insensitive to Moisture, Contamination, and Aggressive Media like Sulfur
  • Ideal for Biogas, Digester Gas, Fermentation Gas, Compressed Air, Nitrogen, Argon and More
  • Certifications/Approvals: ATEX, IECEx



  • 0.07-7 to 35-3,500 CFM


  • 1” to 8” ANSI Flange

Wetted Materials

  • Stainless Steel

Maximum Pressure

  • 360 psi

Maximum Temperature

  • 248° F


  • ± 1.5 % of Reading


  • Analog
  • Pulse
  • Flow Computer

Media Category

  • Gas


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