NE-5048 Electrode Relay for Conductive Level Switches

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

The KOBOLD NE-5048 Electrode Relay is designed for use with KOBOLD Conductive Level Switches NEK, NEH, and LNK.

It provides reliable level monitoring and control for a variety of vessels, like tanks.

The conductive probes are immersed into the tank and if the tank wall is conductive, serve as contacts of a circuit.

KOBOLD offers single rod, multi-rod, and suspended cable type probes for use with the NE-5048.

The NE-5048 relay provides a limit value signal for connecting one control and one ground electrode.

It also includes a bistable interval relay with latching and is suitable for interval switching found in applications like pump control.
  • Min/Max Controller
  • Selectable NO/NC Relay Function
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Adjustable Delay Time


Power Supply

  • 24-240 Vac/dc

Power Consumption

  • Maximum: 2 Va / 1.5 W

Response Time

  • 400 ms


  • 1 Potential-Free SPDT Contact

Ambient Temperature

  • -4° F to 131° F


  • Quick Mount for DIN Rail 60715


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