PUM - U-Pipe Pressure Gauge

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

The KOBOLD PUM is excellent for pressure measurement in low pressure ranges.

The construction of the device is the classical U-shaped glass tube, which is fixed on an aluminum retainer plate.

The retainer plate bears a 2 mm graduated scale as well, which ensures the direct reading of the water column in mm when the tube is filled up with water.

Connection to the device is through the 7 mm hose couplings at the two ends of the glass tube.
  • Measurement of Low Pressure
  • Useful for Filter Monitoring and Proving Fan Operation
  • Classic U-shaped Glass Tube
  • Direct Reading of Water Column in mm and Inches
  • Available in 6 Standard Lengths


Nominal Measuring Range

  • -250...250 mm W.C. to -1500...1500 mm W.C.

Scale Graduation

  • 2 mm

Reading Accuracy

  • ± 2 mm Water Column

Connection Dimension

  • Ø 7 mm Hose Coupling


  • Glass Tube on Aluminum Plate


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