BVB - Manifold Valves for VKG/VKM Flow Meters

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

To achieve centralized flow measurement and distribution, consider the use of the KOBOLD BVB manifold valve with VKG and VKM flow meters.

With the ability to join up to 8 flow meters onto an integrated valve block, the metal BVB manifold valve offers a compact and tidy solution to your distribution problems.

The total throughput of the valve is limited to a maximum combined flow of 6.3 GPM due to internal pressure losses.

To supply the manifold with media, a pump with a minimum of 20–30% overcapacity is required to ensure that each branch receives adequate pressure and flow.

To protect your instrument, this overcapacity must be able to return to the media supply tank through a pressure limiting regulator (we recommend a minimum of 100 PSI up to a maximum of 235 PSIG).

The KOBOLD BVB manifold valve is a clean and simple solution for centralized flow measurement and distribution.
  • Easy to Install
  • Convenient, Centralized Flow Adjustment
  • For 1 to 8 Flowmeters
  • Made in the USA


Maximum Flow Capacity

  • 6.3 GPM per Complete Valve Block


  • 1/2” NPT Thread

Body Material

  • Aluminum

Maximum Pressure

  • 930 psig

Maximum Temperature

  • 210° F

Maximum Flowmeter Quantity

  • 8 Units


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