Portaflow 222 Portable Clamp-on Flow Meter

Brand: Micronics Ltd

Our portable flow solutions are ultrasonic, clamp on and non-invasive, for closed pipe applications. 

This means no interruption to process and no downtime whilst the portable flow  meters are installed. 

The Portaflow range brings simplicity to the non-invasive measurement of liquid flow. 

Portaflow offers the user quick and accurate flow measurement. 

And with its easy to follow menu and simple set up results can be achieved within minutes of opening the case!
  • Ultrasonic, Cross-Correlation Transit Time Method For Flow Measurement.
  • Flow Range – 0.1m/sec to 20m/sec Bi-Directional
  • Display – 64 x 240 Pixels Graphic Display
  • Set-up via 16 Key Control Panel
  • Available With Both “A” And “B” Sensors Option
  • ‘A’ Transducers In Mounting Rail:– 13mm OD To 115mm OD Pipes
  • ‘B’ Transducers in Mounting Rail:– 50mm OD To 2000mm OD Pipes.
  • Battery Or Mains Operation
  • Rechargeable NiMH Battery
  • Battery Life – 14 Hours (2.5 Hours Charge Time), Depending On Load
  • Power – 110 – 240VAC +/-10% Supply Via PSU
  • 4 User Selectable Languages Including English, German, French And Spanish
  • Accuracy Pipe ID > 75mm – ±0.5% To ±2% Of Flow Reading For Flow Rate >0.2m/s
  • Accuracy Pipe ID 13-75mm – ±3% Of Flow Reading For Flow Rate >0.2m/s
  • CE Approved


Transducer Operating Temp

  • ‘A’&‘B’ -20° C to +135° C


  • 3 x Pulse Output: Pulse or Frequency. Opto Isolated MOSFET relay. 4-20 mA flow proportional output, optically isolated 1500 volts 620 ohms Max. load.

  • HVAC And Flow System Surveys
  • Check System Meters
  • Pump Verification
  • Boiler Testing
  • Leak Detection
  • Filter Sizing
  • Ultrapure Water Measurement
  • Heavy Fuel Oil Metering
  • Condensate Measurement
  • Balancing Systems
  • Clean In Place Evaluation
  • Fire System Testing
  • Hydraulic System Testing

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