NEC - Heavy-Duty Float Level Switch

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

The KOBOLD NEC float level switch for liquids provides mercury-free level switching for tank applications requiring high current capability.

With such capacities, pumps may be directly controlled in many applications. T

he body of this float-type, heavy-duty, tilt level switch is constructed of industrial-quality polypropylene, and can be supplied with optional Hypalon® cladding for superior chemical resistance.

Additionally, a five-isolated-chamber design makes this float level switch almost impossible to sink.

The plastic NEC is supplied with an adjustable ballast weight for easy installation into open tanks and a 16' or 30' cable.

Extended cable lengths are available on request.
  • Polypropylene or Hypalon®-Coated Floats w/PEC Clad Cables
  • Simple, Rugged and Reliable
  • Unique, Isolated-Chamber Float Design
  • SPDT Mechanical Switch (Mercury-Free)
  • Adjustable Ballast Weight Included


Wetted Parts

  • PP Float with PEC-Clad Cable
  • Hypalon®-clad PP Float with PEC-Clad Cable

Maximum Temperature

  • NEC: 185° F
  • NEC-HY: 194° F

Maximum Pressure

  • NEC: 50 psig
  • NEC-HY: 58 psig


  • SPDT Mechanical

Switch Ratings

  • 250 Vac 50/60 Hz, 16A Resistive Load/6A Inductive


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