MP300 Series Programmable Temperature Transmitter

Brand: Intempco Controls, Inc

MP300 series are high performance temperature transmitters which convert RTDs, Thermocouples and voltage signals into a 4-20 mA current along with a superimposed HART protocol digital communication. 

Complete configuration, calibration and parameters monitoring can be fully achieved through the two-wire current loop by means of a convenient PC software and USB interface called TxConfig-HART. 

Sensor type input is fully programmable for most relevant RTDs, thermocouples, variable resistors, and voltage in mV. 

High Isolation between input and output drastically improves stability and reliability with greater immunity to electromagnetic noises in extremely harsh industrial environments.
  • Programmable input : T/C or RTD.
  • 2-wire loop-powered 4-20 mA output.
  • 2, 3 or 4-wire RTD and thermocouples with linear output.
  • Configuration on a PC with the TxConfig-HART interface.
  • Cold junction compensation for thermocouples.
  • Galvanic isolation: 1.5 KV.


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