FPS - Insertion Paddle-Bellows Flow Switch for Liquids

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

KOBOLD FPS paddle-bellows flow switches are used wherever reliable control for minimum or maximum liquid flow is required. This liquid flow switch operates on the paddle-bellows principle. 

The flowing media exerts a force on the paddle and thereby actuates a micro switch. 

The interchangeable paddles, in conjunction with an external adjustment screw, allow for adjustment over a wide range of switching points and easy adaptation of the flow switch to different pipe sizes. 

The internals of the instrument are separated from the process by the bellows, making the insertion paddle-bellows flow switch an excellent choice for dirty media. 

The FPS-6 Series is a special design variation used when lower switching points are desirable.
  • Externally Adjustable Switch Point
  • Position-Independent Installation
  • High Capacity SPDT Mechanical Switch
  • Brass and SS Construction
  • For Pipes 1" to 8" in Diameter
  • Suitable For Water and Compatible Low-Viscosity Liquids
  • Quick Delivery


Switching Range

  • 0.9-4.4 GPM to 375-760 GPM


  • 1” NPT Thread

Wetted Material

  • Brass
  • Stainless Steel

Maximum Pressure

  • Brass: 160 psig
  • Stainless Steel: 450 psig

Maximum Temperature

  • 250° F

Media Category

  • Liquid

  • Monitoring Cooling or Lubricant Circuits
  • Dry Run Protection for Pumps
  • Prevention of Low Water Levels


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