UMR - UXR - URA Series Glass Tube Variable Area Flow Meter

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

The KOBOLD UMR, UXR and URA flow meters for liquids and air operate on the variable-area (suspended float) principle. 

Various float designs allow for a wide overall flow range. These rotameters have been designed as simple and for economical measuring systems. 

The instruments are available with or without a needle valve. 

The UMR and URA are similar but with one difference: the URA uses a footed structure designed mainly for schools and laboratories for convenient utilization on desktops.
  • Variable Area Design
  • Low Pressure Loss
  • Optional Needle Valve
  • Glass Tube Allows Direct Flow Observation


Measuring Range

  • 1-10 L/hr to 13-130 L/h
  • 0.01-0.1 to 0.25-2.5 Nm³/h


  • Class 4 Acc. to VDI/VDE

Maximum Pressure

  • 16 bar

Maximum Temperature

  • 100° C
  • PVC Float: 65° C

Process Connection

  • 1/4” NPT
  • G 1/4 Thread

Body Material

  • POM-C
  • Stainless Steel


  • Optional Switch Contacts

Media Categories

  • Liquid
  • Gas


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