KPL - Orifice Plates for Differential Pressure Flow Measurement

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc

KPL orifice plate assemblies are commonly used to provide a reliable and often cost-effective differential pressure reference for flow rate measurement in medium to large diameter industrial piping.

Because the measurement principle does not have any moving parts, a long service life with minimal maintenance required is guaranteed.

KPL orifice plates are available in a wide range of specific constriction methods to optimize compatibility with specific application requirements and challenges.

Options include concentric orifice plates, bidirectional orifice plates, quarter circle nozzles, conical entrance orifices, segmental orifices, and eccentric orifices.

Differential Pressure Measurement Principle

If a pipeline with flowing media is reduced at a particular point by a cross-sectional constriction, the flow speed of the measured media is increased at that point. According to Bernoulli’s energy equation and the law of continuity, the total flow head (dynamic velocity head and static pressure head) is constant.

The increase in speed at the constriction causes a reduction in the static head. The resulting pressure drop is called the differential pressure head and may then be used to measure the flow rate (volume per unit of time or mass per unit of time).

The flow rate is a function of the square root of the differential pressure across the orifice plate. This rate can then be determined by use of an appropriately scaled differential pressure transducer or gauge.
  • Multiple Configuration and Design Options
  • Low to Moderate Pressure Loss
  • Cost-Effective and Rugged


Maximum Pressure

  • 420 bar

Maximum Temperature

  • 500° C

Process Connection

  • DN 50 to DN 600
  • 2” to 24” ASME Flanged

Wetted Material

  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon Steel

Media Categories

  • Liquid
  • Gas
  • Steam


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