MSR Pulse-Contact Protection Relay

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.

KOBOLD Multifunctional relays, comprising power supply unit, pulse generator, isolation amplifier and switching amplifier, serve to increase the switch capacity, as the control loop is connected to low voltage.

The switch capacity of reed contacts, especially when switching capacitive and inductive loads, is very often exceeded; this causes the reeds to stick – thus giving rise to dangerous faults.

A contact protection relay is used to eliminate this problem, the switch capacity and service life of the reed contacts is significantly improved. On the other hand, the KOBOLD models MSR-010 and MSR-020 have a time response.

The chatter effect is thus almost totally eliminated, and no switching operation occurs when the contact opens or closes for a short period.

The switching operation is thus clearly defined. Model MSR-011 is a bistable interval relay with self-holding and is thus suitable for an interval circuit, for example for pump control. Design and construction of the contact protection relay satisfy VDE regulations.

The housing made of polyamide 6.6 can be mounted by clip-on mounting on standard mounting rail 35 x 7.5 mm, or in series, by individual screw fixing.


Connection Style

  • Screw Terminals

Delay Time

  • 0.5 second - OFF Delay

Enclosure, Body Material

  • Polyamide 6.6

Environmental Protection

  • IP20

Input Power

  • 6 VA Typical


  • Standard Rail 35 × 7.5 mm


  • 24 Vdc
  • Maximum

Power Requirement

  • 230 Vac -10 %, +6 %, 50/60 Hz

Pulse Range

  • 500 μs (Typically) - Width


  • 1 : 100

Relay Output

  • Maximum
  • Minimum 24 Vdc / 0.1 A
  • MSR 10, 1 Floating Changeover Contact
  • MSR 11, 1 Floating Changeover Contact-Bistable
  • MSR 20, 2 Floating Changeover Contacts


  • ≤ 4.7 kiloohms - Contact Resistance

Supply Voltage

  • 35-40 Vdc (Electrically Isolated) - Pulse Control

Temperature Range

  • 0° to 70° C (32° to 158° F)

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