TTM Sheath Thermocouple

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.

Sheath thermocouples comprise a thin-walled and flexible sheathed cable made of stainless steel or Inconel®. The cable contains thermal wires embedded in pressed fireproof magnesium oxide. Good heat transfer between sheath and thermocouple allows fast response times and high measuring accuracies.

The vibration-proof design assures long service life. The flexible probe tube allows temperature measurements at locations that are difficult to access. The minimum bend radius is 5 x outer diameter.

The minimum mounting length is ≥ 50 mm for sheath diameter 0.5 to 2.0 mm; ≥ 100 mm for sheath diameter 3.0 to 6.0 mm.

Thermocouples according to IEC 584-1, category 2 are used in the measuring insert as standard. Thermocouples according to DIN 43710.



  • Class 2

Approvals & Certifications

  • IEC 584-1

Cable Length

  • 8.2 feet (2,500 mm)

Connection Material

  • PTFE / Silicone

Electrical Connectors

  • DIN 43710

Enclosure / Body Material

  • 316Ti Stainless Steel
  • Inconel 2.4816

Temperature Range

  • -50° to 1,100° C (-58° to 2,012° F)


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