LNR Level Module for Conductive Level Probe

Brand: KOBOLD Instruments, Inc.

The KOBOLD level module LNR evaluates levels in conductive level probes. The module can be mounted in the sensor housing. A 3-wire connection is used and the conductive connection between probe stem and ground is converted to a 24 V DC switching signal.

The sensitivity is adjustable in 4 steps. The output signal can be evaluated and processed by a PLC.

The switching state of the output is inverted by reversing the polarity of power supply. In addition, a LED shows when the level is reached. Direct mounting to the measuring point means that no additional level device is required in the control cabinet.

This means lower installation costs, minimum wiring and a high degree of noise immunity. Due to the 24 V DC supply and the active output the transducer for top mounting is specially designed for level measurement with a PLC.
  • Mounting Inside the Level Probe
  • Direct Connection to the PLC
  • No Level Device Required in the Control Cabinet
  • Completely Assembled Encapsulated Module
  • PNP Switch Output, Short-Circuit-Proof
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Electrode Supply: AC Voltage
  • Power Supply 24 Vdc


Delay Time

  • 1 second


  • Ø 1.75" × 0.83" (Ø 44.5 × 21 mm)


  • LED Display

Enclosure, Body Material

  • Polycarbonate


  • 0 to 90 % Non-Condensing

Operating Temperature

  • -20° to 80° C (-4° to 176° F)


  • Maximum

Power Requirement

  • 15 mA
  • 15-36 Vdc


  • 0.1 to 100 kiloohms - Sensitivity

Sensor / Probe Connection

  • 3-Wire

Supply Voltage

  • 2 Vac/600 Hz - Electrode Voltage
  • 24 Vdc

Switch Type

  • PNP Transistor Output

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